2013: Quantics: The Art & Science of Sebastian


October 10, 2013 - March 2, 2014

Location: Clark Gallery, Discovery Pavilion, Science On a Sphere, and IMAS Sculpture Gardens
Artist: Sebastian
In this exhibit the world-renowned sculptor Enrique Carbajal, or better known as Sebastian, explores the worlds of quantum physics and nano particles, and combines them with his love for clean and geometric aesthetics, the result being “Quantics”.

“Quantics” is more than just an art exhibition. It transcends unto the museum’s interactive Discovery Pavilion, the Science On a Sphere Theatre, the museum grounds, and the streets of McAllen; thus, demonstrating the fusion between art and science and their dependency on one another for inspiration.  Sebastian’s “Quantics” draws from nanotechnology researcher Dr. Miguel Jose-Yacaman’s work with “Helenita”, the electron microscope located at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Advanced Microscopy Laboratory. Additionally, the work of Dr. Jose-Yacaman, Chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department of UTSA, will tie in Sebastian’s work and inspiration through a hands-on science exhibit at IMAS’ Discovery Pavilion that will explain to audience members the history of microscopy and nanotechnology.

Inversely, just like Sebastian’s work is inspired by Dr. Jose-Yacaman, his “Quantics” sculptures pose the question, “Is there a window to the real 6-D space? And are we just a mere 3-D projection?”  While they are tough questions, Sebastian’s artwork has opened a new window in Dr. Yacaman’s research in understanding nature’s behavior.


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