Sculpture Garden



Front Lawn

Dactyl. Stuart Kraft, American. 1983. Gift of The Meadows Foundation. 
Based on the prehistoric Pterodactyl, this 20 foot, 3 ton bright-red steel sculpture was created in 1983 by award-winning sculptor Stuart Kraft. Dactyl can be found on the south west corner of the museum grounds.

Olmec Head #8, Mexican. Gift of the State of Veracruz
Made of crushed andesite, Olmec Head #8 is a reproduction of the original sculpture located at the Museu m of Anthropology, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. This magnificent sculpture was generously donated to the City of McAllen, Texas, and Mayor Richard Cortez by Fidel Herrera Beltrán, Governor of Veracruz, Mexico. In turn, this monumental colossal head was entrusted to IMAS.

IMAS Courtyard

Mother with Child. Brian Wedgworth, American. 2005. 
This 8 foot tall sculpture can be found at the south end of IMAS' scenic Sculpture Garden. Come to IMAS to view this introspective rendition of the bond between mother and child.

La Fuerza. Victor Salmones, Mexican. 1977. Gift of The Meadows Foundation.
The strength of this sculpture is achieved by the unique combination of dynamic rhythm and fluid solidity.

Texas Stele Ruin. Jesus Bautista Moroles, American. 1997. 
Morales creates his large scale sculptures from granite. His abstract forms combine smooth, polished surfaces with roughly carved, seemingly torn edges, evoking a sense of past and present, weight and weightlessness, man and nature working together.


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